The pilot project “Oltrei muri” is financed by FAMI (Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund) in order to achieve some goals. First of all the project has been conceived to encourage the inclusion of young migrants at the social and school levels to prevent the drop out phenomenon. Beyond that, the project aims to reinforce the transnational community through the exchange of good practices and finding effective strategies for the integration and guidance of young migrants.

The project partnership is characterized by a complex set of public and private organizations that operate in Italy, Belgium and France. In particular the partnership is composed by Piazza dei Mestieri that is a vocational training school that pays particular attention to social inclusion policies and the prevention of various forms of youth disorder among which the phenomenon of bullying and school dropout. The experience of Piazza dei Mestieri on the bullying topic comes from two projects (Co.ds and peer Co.ds) launched in 2012 and 2014 thanks to which they experimented a methodology of intervention based on alternative between school and vocational training addressed to foreign students that were at high risk of dropping out from the school system and involved in bullying. The good results obtained, from the two projects above described, have prompted the Vocational training school to apply the same methodology to include foreign pupils not included in the school environment to prevent school dropout.